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Valera Haircare Appliances - Products

Visit Valera Haircare Appliances websiteValera Haircare Appliances

VALERA deals exclusively with hair care appliances, we have a unique understanding about hair that other non-specialized brands of electrical appliances do not have. This deep knowledge has lead us to create styling tools that treat the hair in a healthy and gentle way.

VALERA USA, Division of Creative Beauty Concepts, is the North American Importer for Valera Haircare Appliances. Valera is a Swiss company with a solid reputation of "Made in Switzerland" and of the SWISS CROSS, which is the internationally appreciated logo. The Swiss image communicates values of maximum quality, precision, reliability, competence, respect for health and the environment, exclusivity.

Marianne Strokirk Salon is proud to offer Valera Haircare Appliances to our clients. As expert Valera Haircare Appliances specialists, we strive to deliver the best products and services in the Chicago, IL area. Our decision to offer Valera Haircare Appliances to our valued customers is part of this commitment.

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