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Monday9:30am - 5pm
Tuesday9am - 6pm
Wednesday8am - 7pm
Thursday9am - 9pm
Friday8am - 6pm
Saturday8am - 5pm
please check with individual locations for specific hours


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  • Marianne Strokirk, OwnerMarianne Strokirk - Owner

  • Nicole Gorcinski, Skincare SpecialistNicole Gorcinski - Skincare Specialist

    Nicole is a Skincare Specialist at our salon. Her specialties include Nicole has been a licensed... (read more)

  • John  Castro, Senior ColoristJohn Castro - Senior Colorist

    John Castro has been a colorist in the industry for over 30 years.  As partner and senior... (read more)

  • Stacy  Woodford Douvlis, ColoristStacy Woodford Douvlis - Colorist

    Stacy is a Colorist at our salon.

  • Linda  Saimes, ColoristLinda Saimes - Colorist

    A senior colorist that started in the salon industry in late 80’s. During the 90’s... (read more)

  • Ashley  Kaiser, ColoristAshley Kaiser - Colorist

    Ashley began her career as a colorist at Marianne Strokirk in 2004.  Ashley focuses on... (read more)

  • Melissa   Zeller, ColoristMelissa Zeller - Colorist

    Providing a client with the look they've been dreaming about is what drives Melissa as a... (read more)

  • Noemi DeJesus, ColoristNoemi DeJesus - Colorist

    Noemi is a Colorist (West Chestnut Location) at our salon.

  • Markel Kowalczik, ColoristMarkel Kowalczik - Colorist

  • Tracy  Kucia Podesta, Colorist/StylistTracy Kucia Podesta - Colorist/Stylist

    Tracy began her career as a stylist in the late 1980s at a high end chain salon in the Western... (read more)

  • Bonnie  Kucek, StylistBonnie Kucek - Stylist

    Bonnie's passion for the beauty industry started when she was 15 years old at Tranquility hair... (read more)

  • Pat  Spata, StylistPat Spata - Stylist

    Pat has been a hairstylist for the last 30 years, and since 1990 she has been here at the Marianne... (read more)

  • Toni  Scavo, StylistToni Scavo - Stylist

    Toni started her career as a stylist at the age of 17. She assisted at various salons in the... (read more)

  • Marni  Rix, StylistMarni Rix - Stylist

    Urban style mixed with Midwestern charm, Marni brings both talent and personality to the chair of... (read more)

  • Eduardo Gil, StylistEduardo Gil - Stylist

    Eduardo Gil is a true Chicagoan born and raised. At a young age he discovered a passion for hair... (read more)

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