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  • Pat  Spata, StylistPat Spata - Stylist

    Pat has been a hairstylist for the last 30 years, and since 1990 she has been here at the Marianne... (read more)

  • Violet Jade Velez, StylistViolet Jade Velez - Stylist

    Most little girls fantasize about becoming a ballerina when they grow up. Jade's fantasy's... (read more)

  • John  Castro, Senior ColoristJohn Castro - Senior Colorist

    John Castro has been a colorist in the industry for over 30 years.  As partner and senior... (read more)

  • Tracy  Kucia Podesta, Colorist/StylistTracy Kucia Podesta - Colorist/Stylist

    Tracy began her career as a stylist in the late 1980s at a high end chain salon in the Western... (read more)

  • Lizz  Cappetta, ColoristLizz Cappetta - Colorist

    As a veteran, Lizz joined Marianne Strokirk Salons in 1996, and has been in the industry over 20... (read more)

  • Mimi  Dekasha, ColoristMimi Dekasha - Colorist

    Mimi has been a color specialist in the industry for 10 years. While she loves all aspects of hair... (read more)

  • Rhi Hibionada, ColoristRhi Hibionada - Colorist

     Rhi has always been passionate with the process of hair coloring. She fell in love with doing... (read more)

  • Ashley  Kaiser, ColoristAshley Kaiser - Colorist

    Ashley began her career as a colorist at Marianne Strokirk in 2004.  Ashley focuses on... (read more)

  • Markel Kowalczik, ColoristMarkel Kowalczik - Colorist

    Markel began her career as a colorist in 2014. She is fully versed in a large spectrum of color... (read more)

  • Delancia Lambirth, ColoristDelancia Lambirth - Colorist

     DeLancia specializes in color, while also focusing on healthy hair care. She's very... (read more)

  • Mel Lehmkuhl, ColoristMel Lehmkuhl - Colorist

    ... (read more)

  • Kaeley  Park, ColoristKaeley Park - Colorist

    Kaeley is an expert colorist and Nordic Hair extensions specialist. She is constantly working to... (read more)

  • Kate  Picken, ColoristKate Picken - Colorist

    Trends and fashion are an ever evolving subject. Having a fabulous haircolor should be no... (read more)

  • Jillian Rink, ColoristJillian Rink - Colorist

    Jillian knew from an early age that she wanted a career in the hair business. Starting cosmetology... (read more)

  • Linda  Saimes, ColoristLinda Saimes - Colorist

    A senior colorist that started in the salon industry in late 80’s. During the 90’s... (read more)

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